Singer S10 Studio 5.5 Embroidery Sewing Machine Black Friday Deals


Introduction– Have you ever witnessed something that whenever you go to buy clothes be it online or in an actual shop, it always makes you wonder what is so extraordinary about this piece of clothing anyways? I could easily add a few borders and add some lace and make the same top in a different way at home.

All you have to do is get a simple piece of cloth and then add the necessary details according to your own preferences. But for that, all you would need is an easy and accessible sewing machine that could fulfill all those out of the box thoughts you get about the way you dress. But will the sewing machine actually help me in designing the dress according to my fit? Will I get different thread options? Would it be a traditional sewing machine or the computerized one? The answer to all such questions is the Singer 7258 sewing machine. The perfect fit for all those wardrobe designs.

Top Features of the machine.

Fully computerized

The first worry that everybody has is that whether the machine is computerized or is like the old and traditional method? Let me tell you some great news this machine is fully and entirely computerized. The name Singer stylish actually gives you the freedom to design stylish clothes hassle-free. The computerized feature gives you the freedom to carry it anywhere with you without worrying about transportation. It is a small and petit machine which offers you a lot of features which are suitable for the designer in you. It has a large LCD screen which is fully automatic and provides you a clear vision of which areas have you selected for stitching. It also tells you the length and width of the stitch. The singer stylist 7258 also has two bright LED lights that emit light on the part you are sewing. The light bulbs stay cool even if worked for long hours. This works like an extra feature as generally anything involving light gets heated up and makes working very difficult but with this feature, it is easy and convenient even after working hours together.

Easy Threading with a built-in needle threader

Do you always go through the hassle of not being able to thread the needle in the first go? It is a challenge to your eyesight every time you try threading it? Singer machine helps you in threading the machine with such ease that you can get the entire machine threaded in the blink of an eye and you won’t even notice it. The threading takes place in mere seconds which is an add-on feature that every designer needs. All the threading instructions are printed all over the machine for easy understanding and it gets easy for use as well. They are printed all over the sewing machine so reading them is easier and accessible. The automatic needle threader works like a big time saver when you in a rush to finish the design.

Easy to load top drop-in bobbin system

As the title suggests the SINGER 7258 has an easy load bobbin feature. It is so effortless that the bobbin loads from the top, so it becomes very easy to insert the bobbin. The clear cover on the top makes it accessible to read and monitor the bobbin thread supply.

6 built-in just one-step buttonholes

There are over six different types of buttonholes. Sounds fascinating right? It sure is. The Singer machine gives you an alternative to chose from any of the buttonholes as it offers you a variety of them. You can go wild with your imagination and create as many designs as you want in no time using these one-step buttonholes. They give you great style and perfection for that perfect design you always wanted to create.

Programmable needle up/down

You have the liberty to choose whether the needle should go or should go down when the machine comes to a halt. It is advised to have the needle pointed in the downward direction whenever you trying new sewing patterns be it appliqueing, pivoting the fabric, or even quilting the entire fabric. If the needle is in the downward position it gives you a clear idea as to how does it actually look after you remove the fabric from the sewing machine. Also whenever you are finished sewing and you wish to remove the fabric it is advisable to set the needle to stop in a higher position as it is easier that way and also convenient.

Stitch selection

You can now have the stitch selection at the tip of your fingertips. All you need to do is select the desired stitch area with the help of a simple stitch of a button. This feature is so advanced and gives you the freedom to select the stitching area with ease. The width and the length of the stitch are preselected so all you have to do is start stitching faster at your desired speed. But there is also an option to change the preselected setting according to your convenience and the need for your project as not always would you need to stitch super fast for all the projects.

Bobbin winder stop

The SINGER 7258 has the automatic bobbin winder stop feature. The bobbin will automatically stop turning around when the bobbin is filled to its limits. There is no need to worry whether the bobbin is overfilled. This automatic feature lets you stop the wastage of the bobbin and does not make you look for the filling of the spool of the bobbin.

100 built-in stitches

I would list down all the built-in features. The SINGER 7258 has in all nine basic, eight stretch buttonholes. It has over 76 types of decorative buttonholes and also seven built-in buttonholes. There are large varieties of stitches which are useful for all types of activities such as stitching, sewing, handcrafts, heirlooms, homemade decorative stitching and sewing as well as fashionable and unique stitching.

Presser feet feature

There is an all foot presser for all your sewing projects. There are different types of presser feet options such as a blind hem, satin stitch, overcasting, darning, rolled, embroidery, gathering, and lastly quarter inch foot. The zipper foot option is also available when you need to add zippers to your designs. The buttonhole foot is a special one as it lets you add a button of different sizes and shapes and it also has a particular slot assigned for adding ribbons and laces of different types.


In order to explore your options and try out different types of styles and designs, you need a sewing machine that is convenient, easy, and works hassle-free. It must have features such as easy tieing and untieing of the threads, it must be fast and quick in stitching the designs, it should provide you with different color and style options, it must be light in weight and easy to carry around anywhere, easy load and unload of the bobbin which makes your task at hand easier, the SINGER 7258 is the ideal one for you as it offers all the above-mentioned features. Bring out the artist in you and let us stitch some clothes.