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Brother PE540D Embroidery Machine

Brother PE550D Embroidery Machine

Large 3.2″ LCD Touchscreen

125 BUILT-IN DESIGNS: Featuring 125 built-in designs including 45 Disney designs, the PE550D allows you to bring magic to any project
4″ X 4″ EMBROIDERY FIELD: This embroidery-only machine comes with a 4″ x 4″ inch hoop, an embroidery foot and built-in alignment tools


Having a habit of embroidery is natural. Making embroideries itself is an art of design, or to get involved in creativity. Embroidery has been in this world for decades with a slight might change that is technology.

The approach for embroidery changes with time. In the beginning, we used to use traditional stitching machines with no digital perks added. As we can see, the rapid growth of technology with digitized products, machines, etc. With this approach,

Embroidery has also changed, how? To answer your question, we are bringing this article to you. In this article, you will get to know about an upgraded embroidery machine, how it’s beneficial for you, and its features, also what you should know before buying a digitized machine. Scroll the article down, to know some important aspects of Brother Embroidery Machine PE550D.

Brother Embroidery Machine, PE550D is the digitized sewing machine with some beneficial built-in features available. The best part of this machine is that it does not function as a traditional sewing machine. Let’s begin with how to choose the best embroidery machine.

Buyer’s Guide: How to select the best Embroidery Machine?

Before buying any Embroidery Machine, look for the below points and accordingly, decide to buy the best Embroidery Machine.

Dual Role: Buying the brother embroidery machine PE550D, or any other embroidery machine, it’s very important for you to check whether it can play a dual role or not.

Wondering what kind of dual role, that means the embroidery machine should be able to sew the garments, costumes, coverlets, quilts. Also, it should get be work as an embroider too, just for designing some creative designs like cartoons, Disneyland princesses, these designs are loved by the children. So you can consider this point before purchasing any embroidery machine.

Personal or Commercial: These digitize embroidery machines are capable enough to manage your monthly expenditures. So you can give a thought on this if you are willing to sell your crafts online, then we would prefer to get the embroidery machine from a business point of view.

This machine can be a bit expensive too, so if you have some prior experience in stitching field, then you can get the commercial embroidery machine. But you are just starting with work, then use natural embroidery machine for home use.

Dimension: Another point you need to consider before buying the embroidery machine, is its weight and size. Too heavy machines are not great enough, as you will be unable to move them. Also, the big embroidery machines cover most of the workplace, so we would prefer you to consider the smaller machines as their weight will be minimum and it won’t occupy much space too.

Hoop Area: Alright, another aspect is the hoop area which is present in every embroidery machine, it’s like a loop placed. If you are thinking to start your business with the help of the embroidery machine, but are stuck in purchasing which machine like it should be a commercial one or home one. Confusion cleared, we are here then why to fear?

Usually, the screen size for the home embroidery machine is  4″x4″ or 5″x7″, don’t think that the screen size is small then how will design the bigger ones. It’s even possible with this screen size too, you just need to re-hoop the size, done, start making the designs with fabrics. This will save your price too and you will gain experience too.

Budget: Budget plays an important role in whatever we buy. It may be anything, also the embroidery machines are quite expensive to buy. So always buy the machine which is fit for you from every aspect. If you are buying the machine for your hobby, then prefer a fair priced machine and if you need something bigger for your business growth, then get the best machine for you.

Warranty & Instruction Manual: Before buying the embroidery machine for you, check for the warranty provided by the company. The company should provide you with a minimum warranty of 3 years, also check for the previous customer’s reviews and comments given by them on the embroidery machine you are looking for. Instruction Manual even is important too, because it will guide you about using the machine.

Built-in Designs: The Embroidery machine comes with a minimum of 50 designs and a maximum of 150 designs. The design includes lettering, fonts, color plates, different spectacular designs like animals, cartoons, flowers, birds. Even, you print the initials and give them. Also, there are some brands available that provide CDs loaded with some beautiful designs.

USB Port: The Embroidery Machine should have a built-in USB port. This can help you to import the designs if connected to computers. Even, you can load some of the designs into the computer, and later via USB use those designs for embroidery.

Brother Embroidery Machine PE550D: Features

The Brother Embroidery Machine PE550D is precise which provides you a minimum of 125 built-in designs, these designs include 45 designs of Disney world, also it has customized designs involved.

The machine comes with a built-in LCD screen, with a colorful background that allows you to view your designs. The machine preferable for the beginners and its versatile too for the users.

The hoop area for the embroidery machine is suitable enough to entail any fabric with the dimension of 4″x4″. Apart from this, you will be getting a 3.2 inch LCD screen. The machines have 9 fonts, which you can use for designing initials. Also, the machine has a built-in USB port enabled and SD card that you can use for storing designs.

The machine has some built-in tools, with these tools you will be able to design any curves, circles, multiple letters, adjustable texts either with increasing order or decreasing order. It has an adjustable automatic needle threader and bobbin for managing the thread tension. 

The best part of this machine is it has a DVD, with all the required set-up and demo. Also, the company is providing an instruction manual, telephone, and mail support if any queries. The company provides you with 25 years of warranty and great technical support.


  • Better Visualization of the design.
  • Flexible and adjustable to move, rotate the mirror.
  • Easy and simple to use.
  • Touchscreen enabled.
  • Cost-Effective.


  • The limited size of the machine
  • Sewing is unavailable.

How One Should Use the Embroidery Machines?

Below are a few tips mentioned for the usage of the Embroidery Machine wisely:

  • You should first set up the machine wisely in a proper place. Remember, your workplace should be clean and all the necessary materials should be placed near the machine.
  • Always inspect the needle, bobbin plate, tension disc, needle holder, hoop’s area, if you find any stains or dirt, rub it with a fine cloth or use a soft brush.
  • Use the machine gently. Never let the thread drive near the needle’s eye, it can cause many problems.
  • Evenly replace the O-ring, if it carries any traces of dirt. This ensures your Embroidery machine is fit and fine.

Check the Brother Embroidery Machine PE550D above, the best embroidery machine that satisfies the given condition.


Thus, In this article, we have mentioned a few features and benefits about Brother embroidery machine PE550D. Also, the buyer’s guide here will guide you to purchase the proper and best Embroidery Machine that you can use for the creation of art. As well as, digital technology support and the built-in designs and oriented tools will support you a lot.