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Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine

Large 3.2″ LCD Touchscreen

138 BUILT-IN DESIGNS: Featuring 138 built-in embroidery designs including scrollwork, florals and quilt patterns, the PE800 has numerous options to allow your creativity to flourish

To create, to design, this statement proportionates for designers who make an effort to make their design available in real-time with the help of some embroidered machine. Traditional machines were good enough but will not work in this digitalized work.

With this changing technology, you have to change yourself and your way to work. Hence, for designers, for people who love creativity, for them who want to explore the art design, this article is meant for you. In this article, we will be bringing you the best Brother Embroidery Machine.

This machine has been awarded too, PE800 has won the best Embroider Machine. In this article, you will get to read the features, benefits of this product.

Anyone here, wondering to start a small business of crafts or embroideries? Then this article is for you because as per the research done by us, we get to know that PE800 is the best commercial embroidery machine and is the cheapest one too.

Anyone here, already having a business but needs to upgrade it in terms of embroidery machine? Scroll down and read the whole. There are many available Brother Embroidery Machine in the market, but the one which is mentioned in this article is the best. Beginning with some highlights of the Brother Embroidery Machine.

What makes this Embroidery Machine the best?

This question must have stuck your mind right? Below are a few highlights mentioned that make the PE800 machine best.

Higher-level Design skills: Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine has some flexible options which make a superior design on the cloth. The PE800 is a design editor that allows you to edit the design in an adjustable manner. The screen size is medium-big, with a hoop area of 5”×7”, this provides all the virtual options to you. You will be able to rotate the mirror, you can design curves, circles, and even Heena designs on a piece of cloth. The size of the designs can be increased and decreased as well.

  1. Larger LCD Screen: Wonderful feature!! Have you ever imagined that you can look for a preview of your embroidery? The PE800 has a larger LCD with a screen-touch ability. The screen height is 3.2 inches, which is recommended better for clear visibility. The resolution is bright enough that provides you perfect image clarity.
  • Best Software: Unbelievable!!, Did you notice? The PE800 has absolute downloadable software, with this software, you can get plenty of designs, just download the selective design of your’s and boom on to make creative designs. No need to worry, if you are thinking that how you will manage this kind of stuff? The tutorials are available youtube and net, go through it, and get yourself trained.
  • Spectacular built-in designs: Sometimes, for the people who are freshly starting with the Brother PE800 Machine, might face some problems while choosing the designs or sketching it. Instead, it will more preferable if you use built-in design first for demo purposes. Few layouts, oriented frames, shapes are present at the top of the screen. Apart from this, the PE800 provides you with 138 built-in designs, With 11 letterings for personalization. The design also includes the cyclic one too. The design includes some patterns of quilts, few of rollback and also some prettier one which can suit on any costume. Make your design double with this PE800 Embroidery computerized machine.
  • Some Built-in Tools: The PE800 has some built-in tools available on the screen. It’s quite adjustable too, you can use the forward option to view your design from every angle. There are a zoom-in and zoom-out option available on-screen, this you use to find out tiny mistakes if done any over the design. These tools are specially included to align your design and justify it so that while working on embroidery, you will not face any problem.
  • USB Port: Have you ever heard that an embroidery machine can have an SD card? Strange right? The PE800 has done this impossible one possible, the machine has a built-in memory which is capable enough to store the designs into it. There is also a USB port holder available on the machine. You can attach a Pendrive, a USB cord to the machine, and insert it in the machine, a not that difficult task yet. Some of the designs that you wish to import on the machine can be transferred.
  • Automated Needle Threader: The PE800 has an automated Needle threader included, which provides easy to handle the needle. You don’t have to manually put the thread into the needle’s eye. Impossible it seems! question who will put the thread into the needle? Someone special, it is the lever, with the lever touch you can adjust the thread to put it into the needle. This will protect your eyes from getting strained and stressed.
  • Elegant Thread Trimmer: As the PE800 machine, has a trimmable thread included which reduces the labor to a certain extent and also it increases the production speed too. These machines contain a trimmable blade and a waste container too.
  • Steps on display: The PE800 provides built-in steps on the LCD screen. These steps will guide you simultaneously to make any design or embroidery. If you are not so sure about how to make embroidery or design and want to learn it practically, then this is even possible with PE800. On selecting the design steps on the machine, the step-wise design will be displayed. So you can refer this and carry on with your creativity.
  • Fantastic Editor: As compared to some traditional embroidery machines, the PE800 has one more feature added, that is it works as a design editor. Previously, you have to try the designs and edit it over the computer and then transfer them on the machine. This might be a difficult task to accomplish. So instead of the PE800, you can now edit your design on the 3.2 inches LCD screen. You can try combinations of multiple designs and merge them as one, also you rotate it, turn the designs, and view its angle. Fill in the colors into the design and try something unique and make it.

After reading the above highlight, it must be clear to you about the PE800 machines. But you even know its pros and cons.


  • Reliable: As a good quality resolution of the screen, displays the preview designs with clarity.
  • Durability: As the company provides 25 years of warranty for the machine, also telephonic and mail support available.
  • Flexibility: The PE800 machine is quite flexible and adjustable due to its hoop area.
  • Variance: Plenty of designs are available in the software, which you can download and try it on any cloth. Excellent monograms and initials can be drawn in any font of your choice.
  • Superb Ratings: The PE800 machine has received 4.8 ratings out of 5, great reviews are given by the customer, and the most recommended Embroidery machine. It’s an award-winning machine.


  • Difficult to use for new designers
  • Patience is required the most.
  • Need to learn the screen commands.


Thus, In this article, we have mentioned a few features and benefits about Brother embroidery machine PE800. Also, some important highlights will help you to purchase the proper and best Embroidery Machine that you can use for the creation of art. As well as, digital technology support and the built-in designs and oriented tools will support you a lot.