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Brother PE550D Embroidery Machine

Brother PE550D Embroidery Machine

Large 3.2″ LCD Touchscreen

125 BUILT-IN DESIGNS: Featuring 125 built-in designs including 45 Disney designs, the PE550D allows you to bring magic to any project

If you remember how in the older days, our parents and grandparents and their parents used to stitch their own clothes and make beautiful designs and embroideries on it and how they used to spend hours and hours working on a garment, giving it all the love and care that they have, then you must remember how amazing it feels.

We are certain that you have been given a hand-stitched and hand-embroidered garment by one of your elder family members and nothing compares to the feeling. Nowadays what we do is we generally prefer a tailor or a designer to stitch our clothes when it comes to sewing and embroidery, we trust them to make what we have envisioned but just think if you had an embroidery machine all by yourself and you could make that what you wanted to make and do embroidery how you wanted to do. That’d be amazing, wouldn’t it be?

 If you have a hand for stitching and embroidery or if you are someone who is keen on learning it then you are absolutely at the right place.

Let us introduce you to the Brother PE540D Embroidery Machine.

so this is a great embroidery only machine and the reason we say this as an embroidery only machine is because there are many that come in a combination of embroidery machines as well as sewing machines. Now, this is one of the best embroidery machines that you can get out there, it is good for beginners as well as people who are professionals or experts in the field and why is it so that we will tell you ahead.

Now if you think back again when you wanted to make a design or embroidery on your garment you had to obviously do it by your hands as you had no other option and it took a hell lot of time aa you may know. And honestly, it also wasn’t as perfect as it would have been if it was done professionally but now that we have so many machines and so many options to choose from and getting it done professionally by ourselves as well, that is an absolute privilege.

So let’s learn more about the Brother PE540D Embroidery Machine.

Some of the key features of the Brother PE540D Embroidery Machine:

1. Now since it’s an embroidery only machine of course we all want to know about the built-in designs that it comes with so so you will not be disappointed because this embroidery machine comes with 70 different built-in embroidery designs that you can edit later and choose from and use them. Isn’t it great? you get so many options in so many choices that you will never run out of them.

2. And again to our absolute delight, the designs that it comes with 30 of them are all about Disney so that is a plus point for sure.

3. Not only that it also comes with a lot of different accessories and things that you can connect with and which make your experience even more amazing and helpful.

4. now there are many many framing patterns that are available in this embroidery machine and what frame pattern basically does are they make the embroidering process a lot easier and a lot more effective. So so there are basically one 120 combinations of framing patterns in this machine, which is totally amazing.

5. now as we talked about connections it also comes with a USB port with which you can connect any device of yours and if you think that the designs inbuilt in the machine are not suiting your choice for now then you can easily transfer other designs through USB medium and enjoy new designs and never lack the creativity.

6. now obviously it comes with an LCD screen which enables you to have a touchscreen experience and since we all have been using touch screen smartphones and tablets we know how easy it is to use that. Therefore, needless to say, working on this machine is very, very easy and quite a breeze because you can easily change the settings in a click and change different things just like that and it will make your experience very easy.

7. Now it is not only limited to the designs and frameworks it also comes with five different lettering fonts that you can choose from to make your embroidery designs even more beautiful and good looking.

8. also if you are new to this world of embroidery and these machines then it also comes with inbuilt tutorials on how to use them so you can always check them out and learn about the various features of the machine, about how to use it effectively and what are the accessories and how to use them to have a better experience and stuff like that. It is really really helpful.

9. also the area that is specified for embroidery is quite spacious so you can have a great embroidery experience and have a large space to experiment, which is simply helpful.

Now that we have learnt about all the features of the Brother PE540D Embroidery Machine, let’s also look at the various advantages and disadvantages of using this machine.

Advantages of using the Brother PE540D Embroidery Machine:

1. now what can be a greater advantage of using a machine than knowing that it has a warranty period of 25 long years. So you can absolutely enjoy 25 years of great embroidery experience.

2. also the great and creative built-in embroidery designs are amazing and the 30+ Mickey mouse or Disney designs are obviously a cherry on the cake. because who doesn’t love Disney and who doesn’t love Mickey mouse and who doesn’t love built-in designs? Right?

3. Also, the LCD offers a very clear and app to look for the users to examine their designs carefully and make sure that it is awesome and entirely how they want it.

4. Also for beginners or new starters who want to learn how to use the machine for embroidery or are just starting out on it have amazing built-in tutorials which they can look for to learn and understand how to set it up and continue using.

5. also this machine comes in with a lot of accessories that can be helpful to enhance the experience of your using this machine, for instance, there are many controllers and cables and manuals and stuff like that, which you can use and can be helpful for you.

6. Also since it has many built-in designs and additional designs that you can input via a USB device and the large embroidery area, all of it adds up to it being very versatile and well equipped to use.

7. also in terms of speed it is the number one right now because as we said it comes with various helpful accessories and one of them is the foot controller with which you can design really sophisticated embroideries and also you can do it very very quickly.

8. also it has a built-in memory so that whenever you import a design via USB storage or anything like that it has the memory to store it and remember it and present it to you when you need it.

Well, these were some of the advantages of using the Brother PE540D Embroidery Machine. however, no machine is really perfect and with the set of advantages there also are some shortcomings that come with this machine and they are listed below.

Disadvantages of using the Brother PE540D Embroidery Machine:

1. Well, there could be some issues with the power supply.

2. also it can be the case that when you look at the inbuilt designs that are already present in the machine they may not possess the features that you have been particularly looking for. what you have to do in that case is you will have to go online and download the designs and those features from the official maker of that machine and then only it will have those features so that might be an issue for some.

Well, that’s about it the features and advantages and disadvantages of the Brother PE540D Embroidery Machine.

Also given below are some frequently asked questions about the same.

Frequently asked questions.

Q. Is Brother PE540D Embroidery Machine a good option?

A. Where it is a great option and honestly it has so much to offer to the users and even if you are a beginner you will have no problem setting it up and using it. So yes it is a good option.

Q. Does it have inbuilt designs?

A. It definitely has many and bed designs particularly in this model you will get 70 different built-in designs so that will not be an issue.


Well, we hope that this review was helpful for you and if you have any more questions you can always drop them down in the comments section below.